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Clarkson Co-operative Nursery School

  • CCNS has been a part of the Clarkson-Lorne Park community since 1962.

  • We provide Preschool and Kindergarten classes for children aged 30 months - 6 years old.

  • Our children are taught by caring, experienced Registered Early Childhood Educators and education staff in a bright and spacious facility.

  • CCNS is non-political and non-sectarian. We strive to be an inclusive school for all in our community. Our curriculum reflects our open and diverse membership.

  • CCNS is not affiliated with Christ First United Church, though they are our landlord and community partner.


CCNS Vision Statement

Clarkson Co-op Nursery School aims to create an enriched, child-focused education program that inspires lifelong learning.  We are driven by the co-operative spirit of parental involvement and strive to build a thriving community within and outside our walls.


CCNS Values

Collaboration – Our success comes from strong relationships with our member families, teachers and partners in our greater community.

Resilience – Our school has been sustainable for over 50 years because we have successfully adapted to changes in the community.

Accountability - We strive to be transparent and open with member families and to ensure long term success of the school by providing quality, affordable programming.

Creativity - We encourage an inspirational atmosphere for children to acquire social, emotional, physical and intellectual knowledge through multiple means of expression.

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