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A child who begins their educational experience at Clarkson Co-operative Nursery School embarks on a strong academic program built on the fundamentals, designed to build the thinking and confidence of students and help ensure their future academic and personal success. 

Preschool students learn to:

  • separate from parents and trust new adults

  • develop listening skills and the ability to sit for structured circle times

  • take turns

  • build literacy through active participation in story times

  • use kinesthetics to form letters and numbers through the Learning Without Tears program

  • use creativity to explore the theme related spaces, intentionally set up to enhance concepts being taught (art and movement in its many forms!)

  • learn to play together using a developing vocabulary

  • learning through many cooperative games related to the curriculum and using the Learning Carpet as a daily tool

  • build body awareness in our large gym through a variety of gross motor activities - i.e. bikes, balls, hoops, balance boards etc.

  • be responsible to borrow and return book bags each week to foster relationships through sharing stories!

The Junior Kindergarten program fosters development in many areas, including:


  • recognizing all letters and their sounds

  • learning the parts of a story and the use of recall

  • using fine motor skills to print upper and lower case letters

  • learning the beginning sounds of words using various resources


  • the daily calendar: learning the days of the week and months of the year

  • counting to 100 using 1's and 10's

  • odd and even numbers are introduced

  • basic shape recognition

  • shapes: 3D and geometric

  • measurement, graphing and patterning

Social Skills

  • learning to work with others in small groups and partnered activities

  • longer sitting times - building longer attention spans

  • learning about the world around them with special projects and themes i.e. science

  • problem solving within the dynamics of the classroom

  • learning through many cooperative games related to the curriculum and using the Learning Carpet as a daily tool

The Senior Kindergarten programs fosters further development in many areas, including:


  • continue learning with reading comprehension and answering questions relating to stories

  • creating simple sentences using the "word wall"

  • single words, Dolch words and CVC words are incorporated into the daily routine

  • taking home bi-weekly book bags to encourage reading


  • counting to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's

  • addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10

  • explaining time, money and equal and non equal groups

  • recognizing 3D shapes

Social Skills

  • exploring the world around us

  • science experiments...posing questions, making predictions and learning outcomes

  • learning through many cooperative games related to the curriculum and using the Learning Carpet as a daily tool

The Kindergarten Extended Hours Program

The Kindergarten Extended Hours program allows children the opportunity to further enhance their learning into the afternoon hours.

  • Monday through Friday (subject to availability)

  • 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

  • taught by our Kindergarten teacher


  • investigate the outdoors through play, community exploration and nature walks

  • specialized art activities and projects

  • following 1 and 2 step directions

  • enriched math, language and science with activities such as baking, poetry and team building games



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